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Online soccer betting is a unique form of entertainment loved by many people in the world in general and Vietnam in particular. Not only does it bring meaningful moments of entertainment, this is also an effective way to make money that has been recognized by the internet user community. So do you know where it’s safe to play   online soccer betting ? Bookmaker Vwin has been known for many years as the most prestigious soccer betting site in Vietnam , and is also a legal soccer betting website with a legal license. Bookmaker Vwin is Asia’s leading reputable betting site brand, offering the most competitive betting odds in Asia today, including today’s English soccer betting site, opening bets on Spanish and Italian tournaments. and other grass football tournaments. This is the first address to offer Live Betting up to 44 minutes in the first half and up to 90 minutes in the second half to help customers increase their winning rate to the highest level. As for the live market, Vwin88 will continuously update scores to help members use it as an online score service easily. 



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Ligue 1


February 26
2:45 am


Đội nhà 1.70Hòa 3.90Đội khách 4.60

FC Augsburg

February 26
1:30 am

SC Freiburg

Đội nhà 2.25Hòa 3.50Đội khách 3.10

FC Volendam

February 26
2:00 am


Đội nhà 5.25Hòa 4.20Đội khách 1.60
I Liga

Resovia Rzeszów

February 26
0:00 am

Zaglebie Sosnowiec

Đội nhà 2.25Hòa 3.25Đội khách 2.87


February 26
0:00 am

FC Midtjylland

Đội nhà 2.95Hòa 3.00Đội khách 2.45
Serie A


February 26
0:00 am


Đội nhà 6.50Hòa 4.33Đội khách 1.50
Serie A

AC Milan

February 26
2:45 am


Đội nhà 2.35Hòa 3.40Đội khách 2.95

Betting paradise for football fans

Understand that, for players who love soccer in general and soccer betting in particular, they will have their own favorite clubs. We have created the Fan Zone page as the fastest place to synthesize information about the most popular football clubs, typically Liverpool, Manchester United, Manchester City, Real Betis, Real Madrid, Barcelona, ​​AC Milan. and even Vleague clubs like FC Hanoi. Instead, you will have to search for information related to football teams yourself, now just access the Fan Zone section of Vwin-99, you will easily have the most complete and latest information about the team. The ball that I love.

Popular football tournaments at Vwin

Premier League

The English Premier League, also known officially as the English Premier League (EPL), is a professional tournament organized for the top clubs in England. With the presence of top teams, it is not too difficult to understand that the atmosphere this tournament brings is always the focus of the world’s soccer industry.

BET NOW EPL Odds EPL Fixtures

La Liga

La Liga is Spain’s top football league and one of the most famous national leagues in the world. Founded in 1929, La Liga attracts rivalries between prestigious clubs such as Barcelona and Real Madrid, as well as other teams such as Atletico Madrid and Valencia. This tournament is famous for the talent and diversity of its players, as well as for its attractive schedule and high level of competition. La Liga has produced many of the world’s top football stars and regularly participates in important European cups such as the UEFA Champions League.

BET NOW La Liga Odds La Liga Fixtures

Serie A

Serie A is Italy’s top football league, and it is known for its competition and style of play. This tournament was founded in 1898 and has become one of the most prestigious national championships in the world. Serie A features famous clubs such as Juventus, AC Milan, Inter Milan and AS Roma, and it has produced many Italian football legends such as Paolo Maldini, Francesco Totti and Alessandro Del Piero.

BET NOW Serie A Odds Serie A Match Schedule


Bundesliga is Germany’s top football league and one of the most famous and highly competitive national leagues in the world. This league was founded in 1963 and includes famous clubs such as Bayern Munich, Borussia Dortmund, and FC Schalke 04. The Bundesliga is known for its attacking spirit and chaos, with matches often featuring many goals. The Bundesliga is also famous for developing and exporting young talent, and many world football stars have come from here.

BET NOW Bundesliga Odds Bundesliga Fixtures

Ligue 1

Ligue 1 is the highest-ranked men’s professional football tournament in French football, run by Ligue de Football Professionnel – the French professional football federation. Every time the ball rolls on this French domestic playground, French football lovers in particular and football fans in general around the world are eagerly looking forward to it, not only to watch the dramatic matches between football players. Bloody shooting but also to look at French football odds and make predictions, do your best with Ligue 1 bets.

BET NOW Ligue 1 odds Ligue 1 match schedule

Champions League – C1 Cup

The Champions League, also known as the UEFA Champions League, is one of the leading football tournaments in the world. It is an annual competition organized by the Union of European Football Associations (UEFA) for top football teams from European countries. The tournament includes the strongest and most famous clubs, such as Barcelona, ​​Real Madrid, Liverpool, and Bayern Munich, competing for the title of European Champion. The Champions League has a long history and has become a high-class international playground, attracting widespread interest from fans and global attention.




Criteria for evaluating reputable soccer betting houses

Distinguishing between a reputable soccer betting website and a scam website is not simple in the context of the strong development of the internet today. According to professional players, the factors that make a reputable bookmaker include:

Have a legal business registration license

This is a prerequisite factor showing the seriousness of reputable bookmakers in the online betting industry today. This is reflected in the business registration licenses issued by casino control organizations such as Curacao Gaming, PAGCOR, First Cagaya, etc. Experience at legal bookmakers will also help you stay protected in your gambling. any situation, including any suspicious attack or intrusion from any other actor.

Offers a variety of tournaments and betting events

The entertainment needs of each player are different, so bookmakers need to provide a variety of games for customers. For sports betting, on average each month it is necessary to provide at least 1,000 different bets and often update continuously to ensure players can always find a match to bet on at all times.

Quality bongs 

Currently on the market there are many different online soccer bets  , but not all bookmakers have enough brand and reputation to bring customers  the best online betting odds . So how to determine a quality bet?

First, you should find a reputable soccer bookmaker  with a team of experienced experts to analyze the matches most closely. Next, you should evaluate the correct prediction rate of each bet through the information table provided by the casino. If the numbers fluctuate too much, it will show that the house has not made a correct assessment of that match and may cause you to make inaccurate judgments.

Attractive promotions

For branded bookmakers, promotional bookmaker programs always play an important role in attracting and retaining customers. That’s why you should learn about preferential policies when participating in experiences at any bookmaker such as welcome bonuses for new members, refund bonuses, reload bonuses,…

Absolutely safe security system

Providing information on the internet may make you feel worried about your safety. However, reputable betting sites will use extremely modern technology platforms to ensure that customers’ personal data will always be safe in all situations, especially SSL-128bit encryption. This is a factor that you should pay special attention to when looking for an entertainment address for yourself because it will directly affect your interests.

Customer support service operates 24/7

When playing Vietnamese soccer betting  online, you will certainly encounter problems that require support from the house such as registration procedures, login, depositing/withdrawing money into your account, etc. Therefore, You should check the bookmaker’s customer service channel to see if it operates regularly and is easy to connect to. Besides, the consulting staff also needs to have professionalism and an enthusiastic attitude so that you always feel satisfied when seeking support from the house.




Vwin The Best Online Football Betting House in Vietnam

 In the current online soccer betting market , Vwin is proud to be the most prestigious soccer betting site in Vietnam    and the bookmaker with the largest number of players.

Vwin – Vietnam’s No. 1 reputable soccer betting site

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Vwin comes from the European market and was developed by the famous betting group KingHoNos Ltd., which has a business license by the Curacao government. Right from the start, the house has clearly defined its goal of becoming a house that provides a variety of products and services for players around the world. That is the reason why Vwin commits to always strive to build for itself the most prestigious, safe, accurate and effective football betting system.

During recent operations, Vwin impressed customers with the following outstanding advantages:

  • The interface is luxuriously designed, modern and very easy to use.
  • Betting odds are abundant and analyzed by a team of experienced experts in the Asian football betting industry.
  • Diverse payment methods and deposit limits meet the diverse needs of a large number of players.
  • A responsible betting policy that has been audited by the GameCare organization applies.
  • Procedures for creating an account and depositing/withdrawing money are done quickly with the support of a team of enthusiastic consultants.
  • The house offers continuous promotions with many attractive weekly and monthly rewards.
  • Online soccer  betting houses have the easiest way to create an online soccer betting account.
  • Aiming for the integrity of all sports, Vwin88 commits that all FIFA matches will be monitored by the EWS early warning system to early detect suspicious activities or fix soccer results. .
  • Various promotions such as free spins, discounts and reload bonuses are of great value.
  • Safe transaction and payment process, carried out in many different forms.




Popular bets on soccer betting sites

Currently, there are popular online soccer bets including:

European Odds

Also known as 1X2 bet, you do not need to pay attention to the total number of goals lost or the score. The most important thing you need to care about is whether your team wins/draws or loses and the house will offer 3 betting odds allowing players to choose 1 of 3 results. According to professional players, European handicap is very suitable for new customers thanks to its simple rules.

Over/Under Betting

Often denoted as O/U odds and rotating the total number of goals in the match. Accordingly, the house will give you a specific number to choose more or less than that goal. For Over/Under bets, it doesn’t matter which team wins or loses, so it helps you shorten the time to analyze the winning rate.

Asian Handicap

Asian Handicap is also known as Handicap and is denoted as HDP on the bookmaker’s odds information table. The biggest difference between Asian handicaps and European handicaps lies in the handicap ratio. Therefore, you can see that this bet often tends towards balance for matches in which the underdog team will by default not have high odds like Europe. When playing, the house will give you a specific handicap between the upper team and the lower team for you to bet on.

Because of its relatively complex nature, Asian handicap is usually only for those who have some experience with online soccer betting.

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Above are detailed instructions on how to play soccer betting online. Hopefully you have gained more detailed insight into this interesting form of entertainment and gained more experience in choosing a suitable bookmaker to start making real money on the internet.